Outdoor furniture placed near a pool in a backyard.

Why You Need Outdoor Furniture Covers

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, you likely have outdoor furniture. A space in the sun during the warmer months can be a great way to unwind, but not if you’re risking your belongings. Outdoor furniture is vulnerable to the elements, fickle weather patterns, dust, mold, debris, pests, and a number of other nasties.

If you want your outdoor furniture to stay beautiful and durable, purchase custom outdoor furniture covers. The Ultimate Cover creates high-quality custom outdoor furniture covers that are perfect for protecting your treasured pieces. Check out our website for personalized sizes and colors.

Do You Need to Cover Patio Furniture?

If you live in a mostly warm, dry area, you may believe that there’s no need for outdoor furniture covers during the summer months. However, the weather isn’t the only danger to outdoor furniture pieces. There are a few reasons to protect your outdoor furniture in order to prevent it from degrading faster than it should.

Sun Damage Protection

Some folks believe that excess sunlight can aid in drying out wood after rain or moisture-heavy conditions, preventing the growth and spread of mold and mildew. UV exposure can be as detrimental to your patio furniture as water.

Some materials are more vulnerable to sun damage than others. Fabric, wood, wicker, and teak are the most susceptible to fading, discoloration, and general deterioration if consistently exposed to sunlight. These risks exist even if the sunlight is indirect. Custom outdoor furniture covers reduce UV ray exposure, helping preserve your furniture’s texture and color.

Heat Damage Protection

Light is not the only thing that can prove dangerous to your furniture. Heat is also detrimental. Furniture pieces made of metal and plastic are the most vulnerable to heat damage. Metal and plastic furniture absorb heat when left out in the sun. Have you ever tried to sit in a scorching hot chair? It’s not just uncomfortable — it’s impossible!

Furniture covers mitigate the absorption of heat. If you have patio furniture, it’s only right that you can use it! A furniture cover will help keep your furniture safe, cool, and durable.

Dust and Debris Protection

You’ve got the whole inside of your house to keep clean, and it’s likely you’re not looking for more busy work doing the same on the outside. Unfortunately, without a furniture cover, you may have your work cut out for you.

Summer winds blow dust, pollen, leaves, and all manner of debris onto (and into!) your patio furniture. This causes the furniture to look filthy unless you clean it frequently. A furniture cover creates a physical barrier for your furniture, making it much more difficult for dust and debris to penetrate.

Moisture Protection

Moisture protection is one of the most important functions of a quality outdoor furniture cover. Without a furniture cover, moisture exposure causes the growth and spread of mold and mildew.

Even without rain, moisture-heavy conditions can cause wooden furniture to rot. This creates structural issues and decreases the durability of your outdoor furniture. Rainwater itself can also cause serious problems. It soaks cushions and penetrates porous materials such as wood and cloth. This causes water damage and potentially rust when it comes to metal furniture.

Are There Types of Furniture that Don’t Need Protection?

Some types of furniture are more resilient than others based on their material, quality, and construction. If well-made, aluminum, wrought iron, and polywood furniture can be more resistant to the elements than cloth and wicker furniture.

However, even though these materials can be more durable and resistant to rust, they will still degrade if they aren’t properly protected. It’s always a good idea to ensure that your furniture is protected with high-quality custom outdoor furniture covers, regardless of the material or composition of the furniture.

Visit The Ultimate Cover Today

Outdoor spaces are made for relaxing, which can be difficult when you’re worrying that your expensive furniture might fall prey to the elements. Fear not — the quality customized furniture covers at The Ultimate Cover will give you peace of mind and ensure that your outdoor furniture pieces’ design and durability will last longer.

At The Ultimate Cover, each furniture cover is custom-designed and made to order to fit each piece of furniture on our website. We can make each cover in the size and color you choose. Pick out your own for a stunning look and superior protection.

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