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The Versatility of Sunbrella Fabrics: Why They Are a Perfect Material for Outdoor Covers

You may have heard of the latest fabric taking the world of furniture covers by storm. Sunbrella fabrics are the top-line defense against the elements when it comes to outdoor furniture.

If you choose Sunbrella for your furniture covers, you’ll enjoy more than a few unique benefits. Here’s what you need to know about this durable, versatile material.

Sunbrella Fabric: High Performance and Vivid Colors

Sunbrella fabric has transformed the nature of outdoor furniture covers. When you choose Sunbrella, you choose a performance-based material that can protect your pieces over time without fading or wearing out.

These furniture covers keep their color saturation for a long time, thanks to the UV-resistant pigments used in the fabrication process. This means you don’t have to worry about the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces slowly fading away; Sunbrella covers will stay true to their colors for years to come.

Additionally, covers made from Sunbrella fabric are extremely durable. This means they provide superior protection against the elements, including rain, sleet, snow, hail, and wind.

The Benefits of Using Sunbrella Fabric Covers for Your Outdoor Furniture

Are you considering switching to Sunbrella fabric? Here’s what you need to know about the benefits and versatility of this durable material.

Mold, Mildew, and Moisture Resistance

Sunbrella fabric covers keep moisture out of your outdoor furniture, which is extremely important if you want your furniture to last for a long time — mold and mildew are notorious furniture killers.

The special formulation used in Sunbrella fabric does not absorb or trap moisture as it protects your furniture. This guards against rotting and mildew, which can damage your furniture for good and even cause health problems. If you’re looking for a water-resistant furniture cover, Sunbrella is the perfect choice.

Long-Lasting Colors: Fade Resistance

The UV rays emitted by the sun can break down pigments in outdoor furniture and other items over time. Sunbrella fabric covers, however, keep their vivid colors for much longer.

This means you don’t have to worry about your outdoor aesthetic being compromised, no matter how sunny it is. UV resistance is important when it comes to outdoor furniture covers.

Cleaning Convenience

Sunbrella is easier to clean and maintain than other fabrics used for furniture covers. No one wants a furniture cover that requires hours of maintenance and special cleaning techniques. Since Sunbrella fabric is a durable, smooth material, all you have to do is wipe off the surface, and you’re good to go.

Long Life Spans

Sunbrella fabric covers can last for up to 10 years. With one of the longest-lasting furniture cover materials on the market, you can expect a long life span from your Sunbrella covers. Your wallet will thank you later since you won’t have to continue spending money on new covers (unless you get more furniture).

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re conscious of your environmental footprint, Sunbrella fabric covers are the perfect option. During manufacturing, every type of waste is minimized to ensure that the covers are environmentally friendly. If waste reduction and long-term use are your top priorities, Sunbrella is the material for you.

What Furniture Works Best With Sunbrella Fabric Covers?

Thanks to the extreme versatility and flexibility of Sunbrella fabric, you can use it to cover any piece of outdoor furniture that needs protection. From table covers to sectional guards, there are almost no limits on how you can use Sunbrella to protect your pieces.

We recommend this material for outdoor furniture because your outdoor pieces are exposed to frequently fluctuating weather conditions. You can’t prevent this exposure even if you store your furniture indoors during the fall and winter — weather patterns are unpredictable, and storms can hit unexpectedly.

Since Sunbrella fabric covers last a long time, you can keep them for each furniture piece you collect over the years. These long-lasting outdoor furniture covers have changed the game when it comes to weather protection.

Cleaning and Maintaining Sunbrella Covers

All you need to do is use soap, water, and a washcloth or a soft bristle brush to clean your Sunbrella covers. Be careful not to scrub too hard. You can also machine wash these covers with cold water and a small amount of detergent or bleach if needed. If you need a heavy-duty option, you can use a hose on Sunbrella fabrics. It’s best to let these covers air dry or dry in the sun after you wash them.

With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can keep your Sunbrella covers as beautiful as the day you got them.

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