A folded breathable, waterproof outdoor furniture cover with water droplets on the fabric.

The Difference Between a Breathable Cover and Plastic Furniture Covers

There are numerous types of furniture covers on the market. Unfortunately, they aren’t all high-quality and breathable, which is exactly what your outdoor furniture needs to thrive.

Breathable waterproof furniture covers allow your furniture to air out and avoid rot and mildew. Quality covers also repel water and keep out harmful UV rays, which degrade the quality of your furniture.

Here’s what you need to know about breathable versus plastic furniture covers and which one to choose for your pieces.

The Problem With Plastic Furniture Covers

Plastic is a cheap material that attracts many people looking for affordable outdoor furniture covers. While finding what fits your budget is understandable, you may be doing more damage to your furniture over time.

Plastic furniture covers are breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, and other harmful substances to thrive. They create a moist environment that spreads mildew and mold throughout your furniture, harming your health. If you have pets or children, this is especially dangerous.

These types of covers also wear out easily and don’t protect your furniture, as well as breathable covers. You’ll likely get bad results when you go cheap and low-quality on your waterproof furniture covers.

If you opt for plastic furniture covers, you’ll likely go through multiple replacements, costing more money in the long run. Choosing breathable waterproof furniture covers from the start is best so you can get more bang for your buck.

Benefits of Breathable Waterproof Furniture Covers

Breathable covers are perfect for protecting your outdoor furniture for years at a time. While the name suggests that breathable covers allow moisture to penetrate the fabric, this doesn’t mean they contribute to mold and mildew.

Waterproof furniture covers with breathable fabric still eliminate moisture and water damage from your furniture. They do so by allowing water droplets to evaporate through the cover’s surface, preventing them from ever reaching your precious pieces.

Airflow is extremely important in breathable waterproof furniture covers. The enhanced breathability of these covers allows your furniture to get fresh air and evaporate any excess moisture that could become trapped. The water droplets don’t have enough time to damage your furniture when you choose breathable waterproof covers.

Covers prevent dirt and dust from settling on outdoor furniture, especially when stored over long periods. For example, if you keep your furniture outdoors when it’s not in use, a breathable cover can keep air flowing through it and sweep away dust and debris.

Overall, breathable furniture covers are the best choice for protecting the pieces you’ve worked hard for. You deserve a comfortable, relaxing outdoor space, and that’s what our high-quality waterproof furniture covers are for.

Choosing Waterproof Furniture Covers: What to Look For

It can be confusing to navigate all of the waterproof furniture cover options out there. They all claim to repel water and prevent mildew, but how do you know they really work? The answer is simple — you should look for high-quality, customizable waterproof furniture covers.

Durable Fabrics

Plastic is not sufficient to protect your outdoor furniture. Instead, opt for durable fabrics. These are usually made with breathable materials and special fibers that are designed to keep their structure despite weather challenges.

UV-Resistant Materials

UV resistance is important for protecting your outdoor furniture. While water damage alone can shorten the lifespan of your pieces, sun damage can do just as much harm. Make sure any waterproof furniture cover you buy has UV-resistant technology built into the fabric.

Secure Straps, Zippers, and Pouches

You should make sure the waterproof furniture covers you buy have secure fastenings that allow the covers to remain on your pieces, even during heavy winds and storms. This will also help prevent your furniture from moving around in extreme weather.

Our waterproof furniture covers come with convenient straps, pouches, and zipper closings to keep them secure all year long.

Smooth Surfaces

Waterproof furniture covers should have a smooth texture to keep moisture from becoming trapped in the fabric. Covers also look more appealing this way – smooth covers match well with any outdoor furniture you may have. You can choose the colors that fit with your patio furniture themes.

Choose Ultimate Covers: High-quality, Breathable, Waterproof Furniture Covers

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