A wicker furniture set with potential water damage after a snowstorm.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Covers for Your Needs

Outdoor furniture covers are essential for protecting your pieces from weather damage. Covers keep your furniture nice and aesthetically pleasing for several years, too.

When you invest in your outdoor furniture, you want it to stick around as long as possible — and look and feel great while it’s there. Outdoor furniture covers are exactly what you need to make this dream a reality.

Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect outdoor furniture covers for your specific pieces.

Know Your Local Weather and Seasonal Patterns

One of the most important factors in choosing the right outdoor furniture covers is knowing your local weather patterns. Some areas may not face the same weather threats as others.

For example, someone in Arizona doesn’t have to worry about snow and hail, but sun damage is a real possibility. And someone from a colder climate should do everything they can to protect their outdoor furniture from sleet, hail, and snow.

Take inventory of what happens in the skies in your area. Do you experience harsh, cold winters? How often does it rain where you live? These are important questions that will help you find the outdoor furniture covers that best suit your needs.

Measure Your Outdoor Furniture Pieces

Taking measurements ensures that your outdoor furniture covers are the right size and shape for your pieces. Without this information, you may end up mistakenly purchasing misshapen, poor-fitting covers, which defeats the purpose of protecting your furniture in the first place.

Make sure you get detailed measurements of your outdoor furniture’s dimensions, including each piece’s length, width, and height. Then, as you browse potential outdoor furniture covers, take note of each cover’s dimensions. To take your outdoor furniture cover game to the next level, opt for custom furniture covers that are made-to-order.

Determine Which Pieces Need to Be Covered

While it’s best to cover all of your outdoor furniture to protect your pieces from the great outdoors, your budget doesn’t always allow you to do so. Instead of giving up on covering your outdoor furniture, you can start by purchasing a few covers and go from there.

Make a list of the pieces you want to prioritize. For example, if you use a particular chair or outdoor sofa set more than other pieces, you may want to cover those first.

Furniture pieces with cloth or sensitive types of wood may also need extra protection, so it’s a good idea to account for these materials. In addition, cloth and cushions tend to trap moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew if you don’t cover them properly.

Choose Strong, Durable Fabrics

The fabric of your furniture cover will determine how well your pieces are protected. Most outdoor furniture covers are made out of PVC or polyester, sometimes with a blend of both. However, it’s up to you to decide which material is best for your furniture.

No matter what your covers are made from, make sure they hold up well in all situations. Furniture covers should be durable and able to withstand most weather conditions. In cases of rain, snow, and hail, you want to ensure that the covers won’t allow any moisture to seep into your furniture.

It’s also important to protect your outdoor furniture from debris and dust. This might seem trivial, but enough dust buildup can cause your furniture to fade and look older than it really is.

Floating debris, like seeds and tree droppings, can also collect on top of your precious furniture pieces. A strong, all-encompassing furniture cover will protect your pieces from debris buildup.

Pick Between Zippers, Drawstrings, and Other Closures

The reason for choosing a certain closure comes down to personal preference. Outdoor furniture covers must be sealed and secured somehow, and there are several ways to do so. Some furniture covers use zippers, while others use cords or velcro. It all depends on how secure and convenient you want your covers to be.

Your cover closures should also work well with the size and shape of your furniture. For example, larger furniture might need a cover with a zipper closure instead of drawstrings to keep it sealed for long periods. Assess your furniture’s needs and start looking for secure and safe covers.

Choose Your Favorite Colors

Most outdoor furniture covers come in neutral colors to make them suitable for any type of furniture. However, you still have some choice in the matter.
Custom furniture covers allow you to select the best hues for your outdoor furniture sets. Going custom-made is the best decision you can make — both for your peace of mind and your furniture.

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