A folded breathable, waterproof outdoor furniture cover with water droplets on the fabric.

The Difference Between a Breathable Cover and Plastic Furniture Covers

There are numerous types of furniture covers on the market. Unfortunately, they aren’t all high-quality and breathable, which is exactly what your outdoor furniture needs to thrive. Breathable waterproof furniture covers allow your furniture to air out and avoid rot and mildew. Quality covers also repel water and keep out harmful UV rays, which degrade

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A woman cleaning a stain off an outdoor furniture cover.

How to Wash Outdoor Furniture Covers and Conduct Maintenance

Outdoor furniture covers are there to protect your furniture from the elements. While they do offer holistic protection, you should still clean the covers from time to time to keep them nice and neat. Outdoor furniture cover maintenance is easy. Follow this guide to keep your furniture sets looking snazzy through all seasons. Find Out

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A wicker furniture set with potential water damage after a snowstorm.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Covers for Your Needs

Outdoor furniture covers are essential for protecting your pieces from weather damage. Covers keep your furniture nice and aesthetically pleasing for several years, too. When you invest in your outdoor furniture, you want it to stick around as long as possible — and look and feel great while it’s there. Outdoor furniture covers are exactly

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