Constructed with breathable and water resistant materials for ultimate protection, custom fit, and a clean look when not in use.

The Ultimate Cover makes covers to fit all types of furniture — blocking out moisture, UV and pollutants while still breathing.

Made from Tangent, a breathable polyester fabric, solution dyed to retain color, is manufactured by Glen Raven, the manufacture of Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. The Ultimate Cover blocks 95% of moisture.

Moisture that does get through quickly dries because air is allowed to flow in and around furniture.

Many covers on the market are made of vinyl or PVC-backed material, which— although it blocks 100% of rain – or snowfall — traps the moisture that inevitably gets underneath from wind, evaporation, or humidity. Once trapped, mold and mildew form quickly, not only creating an unsightly mess but eventually causing permanent damage to furniture. The Ultimate Cover, because it breathes, doesn’t have this problem.

Features of Our Products

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